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Keep quietxX

The happiness is an imatation that Cynthia's mastered.
She thinks about her boyfriend and under her breath she
mutters "What a bastard."

He's cheated on her once again but never admits to it.
She cuts herself alot and her excuse is "I jjust can't take this shit."

He wonders why she hasn't dumped him,he thinks,"maybe she believes me."
He's walking down the hall one morning when he hears,"There's something you need to see"

Its one of his "girls" who's blonde and pretty and not too tall.
She leads him in the bathroom and "I fucked Nathan" is on the door of a bathroom stall.

He storms out into the hall and everyone is staring.
On the lockers are flyers saying "Fuck Nathan if your daring!"

That night Cynthia breaks up with Nathan and says"I guess it is true.
Your an asshole and thanks for everything you've caused me to do..."

She says in her head " Why couldn't things be how they used to be?"
 as she turns to leave she adds,"Just so you know, those flyers weren't from me."

By:Lindsey A. Wentz =)

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